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Enter the Naga

Alright – so the use of the atom bomb in the final post was a bit too prophetic. Luckily, I’ve found new gear to blog about – so I’ve found a reason to assault you all again!

That beauty right there is the Razer Naga. Specifically made for MMOs, it’s got a completely insane 12-key keypad right under your thumb (sorry, lefties, this one isn’t for you). I nabbed it on a whim after I found a great used offer and have poked around in City of Heroes a bit to try it out (it’s really tailored for WoW…has a Addon and everything – but my authenticator was installed on my pool-soaked iPhone, no WoW for me!!). The first thing I noticed is that it’s smooooth. Say what you will about expensive mice, but the on-the-fly DPI switching and the accuracy of the sensor made my Apple Magic Mouse look sadly pokey in comparison. I was a little sad to unplug it, actually. Yeah…it’s a wired mouse in a day and age when wired mice are rather gouache; but apparently they need the extra juice for the keypad.

Speaking of – how does it perform? Pretty damn nicely! Though after 5 years of gaming where I only use the mouse to move and use my left hand to mash my number keys, moving everything over to my mouse hand is going to take some getting used to. I’m going to be curious to see how my thumb holds up after a typical 2-hour WoW session. I may be crying for the simplicity of my Razer Mamba another fine mouse (wireless too); but oddly, it doesn’t give me the same swooshy feeling that the Naga does. The top DPI always feels too fast, and the bottom feels only slightly better than the Magic Mouse. Odd.

Oh yeah, one caveat – if you’ve got bear paw meat mits, the Naga is not for you. I’ve luckily got nimble hands (a nice euphemism for freakishly small), so the Naga fit nicely and all the buttons were thumb-accessible. But you’d never be able to tell by the press photos that it was slightly undersized. I’d actually recommend the Mamba for “normal” sized hands. YMMV.


Daily Obsession: World of Warcraft Stole My Brain

This...is...my... BOOMSTICK!
See that handsome fella over there? That’s me. A representation of me, at least. Y’see, for the past 5 years, I’ve been firmly mired in a fantasy world of Blizzard Entertainment’s crafting. I’m one of the 1.7 million subscribers to World of Warcraft.

Since I first cracked The Hobbit in middle school, I’ve been obsessed with fantasy. After I polished off Lord of the Rings, I took on Dragonlance, Pern, and whatever Piers Anthony had come up with that month. But in my mind, that intrepid band of forever-whining, hard-drinking dwarves shooing a dragon off their front lawn would always be the epitome of fantasy.

Once I got to FSU, video games started to creep in to my regular rotation and I discovered Blizzard’s first runaway hit, Warcraft II, a real-time-strategy game that was essentially Risk, but with dragons, knights, orcs, and, YES, hard-drinking dwarves whos only purpose was to blow shit sky-high. Needless to say, it scratched many itches. To this day, it’s the only video game that I’ve dreamed about – working out the solution to a particularly difficult end-game map while I slept.

After college, Blizzard and I parted ways for a while, but the world they’d created, Azeroth, would still pop up in my head now and then. What had drawn me in was not just the gameplay, but the backstory. Every scenario had a purpose, and every unit, irregardless of how disposable they were, had a personality. The desire to beat the game wasn’t what kept me playing, it was wanting to progress to see what was around the next corner (be it a troll witch doctor, forgotten temple, or cursed undead frost dragon).

So when the opportunity presented itself to roll my own hard-drinking, gun-obsessed dwarf to wander around and explore Azeroth on my own terms, I jumped at the chance.

Ya mean this beautiful posterior? Who wouldn't!
So why did i choose to stare at dwarven ass for hundreds of hours over several years? (Yes, I see him over there, don’t say anything, it’ll only encourage him.)

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World of Warcraft Plushies Don’t Care About Your Crippling Addiction

As many years as I’ve been playing World of Warcraft (it’s 5, BTW, which is in-and-of-itself ridiculous) I’ve spent very little real-world money to keep my hard-drinkin’ Dwarf in guns, ammo, and fluffy little virtual pets.  But then Blizzard got smart and started dangling some tasty carrots.  I grabbed the Murloc Marine last year, but got the livestream of Blizzcon as compensation (which was frickin great – best wasted afternoon of work ever).  Then, in December, they rolled out a Pandaren Monk pet (already a no-brainer because, hey, Kung-Fu Panda) but also set it up so that half the sales would go to charity.  OK – so, I had to buy that one!

And now this.  Announced last week, Kotaku got first dibs on some samples of the new WoW plush toys, which you’ll be able to “Dawwwww” over (and spend cash monies on) in real-life and in-game. Are they ridiculous in their total uselessness? Yes. Are they so cute that they’ll likely turn my 2 year-old into a lifelong WoW player (her first character will be a bloodthirsty Orc Warrior who specializes in ripping the ears off dragons)? Signs point to yes. Will anyone who sees them sitting near my computer avert their gaze and offer their condolences to my wife: “We’re sorry, we didn’t realize he was so far gone…” Bloody likely. Do I care? I can’t hear you, because me and my wittle gryphon are flying around Azeroth right now, singing the whole way. LA-LA-LAAAAAAAAAAAA!

(And don’t pretend like you don’t want one…according to Kotaku, they drop on 4/22. Git in line. NOW! GO! GO! GO!)