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Pandora’s Box

Wait...you want me to do WHAT with my ponytail?!
I’m about to spoil Avatar. Seriously. If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m going to give away the whole enchilada. So if you want to remain unspoiled for when you see it for the first time on DVD (a plan that, I would argue, needs serious reconsideration), then don’t click through to the link. Don’t do it!

Eh, whatever – the plot has absolutely no bearing on the movie, so why not be spoiled…click away.

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Daily Obsession: Off the (Game) Grid

Let’s take another jaunt through my nascent childhood geekery, shall we?

(Oh, look I just lost half of you – no matter, this will just be between the rest of us the special people)

Back in 1982 Disney released a tale of corporate espionage in which a programmer (a young pre-Dude Jeff Bridges) has his code stolen from him by his boss and is fired when he tries to blow the whistle. He then goes searching for evidence in the company mainframe, finds it, and gets his boss fired.

…yeah, if I was Disney, I’d be looking to jazz that story up any way I could too. Lucky for them, this thing called CGI was just picking up steam.

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