Daily Obsession: My Plastic Army

Now I have plate armor...Ho, Ho, Ho.
I’ve got two vices: World of Warcraft and action figures. You mix those two up and you’ve crafted a nigh-near unbreakable Venus flytrap that I am likely to never escape from alive. Someone at DC Unlimited knows this and has crafted some of the craziest WoW action figures of all time.

Snakes? Why'd it have to be snakes?
Snakes? Why'd it have to be snakes?
Well known for their impeccably detailed sculpts, the DC Unlimited folks have a knack for taking 2-D properties (usually with widely varying art styles) and translating them into three dimensions. WoW is no different. In fact, they’ve taken the process further with their WoW figures and upped the detail to 11. The amount of texture and detail in each figure puts what you see in game to shame. And the paint applications make sure that every bit of sculpted goodness really pops. Take, for instance, Lady Vashj’s armor – the details alone are impressive, and it would have been a simple thing to throw some gold paint on there and call it a day; but by adding a copper-green wash, they create a tarnished bit of realism that you wouldn’t expect, given the source material.

Overcompensating? Whaddya Mean?
The first couple of waves gave us player character combos (like the dwarven warrior over there), sporting weapons and armor sets that are actually in the game and obtainable by players. As the line has matured, they’ve started changing things up by adding summonable pets like the Succubus, NPCs like the Tuskarr, and even dungeon and “end-game” bosses like Lady Vashj, Illidan, and The Lich King. Future waves are focusing on faction leaders and, not surprisingly, characters featured in DC’s own WoW comics.

Have keg, will kick ass.
My favorite, though is the Blizzard Store exclusive Pandaren, Chen Stormstout. Part of the “Premium” line, our drunken panda warrior here sports a ridiculous amount of detail, including silken ties for the teapot and mug hanging from his bamboo staff. Chen is a deeply-obscure in-joke among fans. Y’see, Pandarens started off as an April Fools prank about three games ago, but quickly gained traction in the fanbase (because, really, who doesn’t love a hard-drinking Panda?). Chen is only mentioned in WoW if you happen to stumble across a lost keg in a god-forsaken corner of the game world. Despite this, we have a meticulously sculpted Brewmaster based off art from the designers. There shouldn’t be merchandise of him. That Blizzard thought enough people would care enough about him to grab one is a falacy. Yet here he is. I’m happy to support any company that’s willing to put out such grand fanboi fodder simply because they wanna.

They’re definately not for everyone, but if you play, or are just a fan of fantasy, you should probably have a couple of these guys in your collection. Go on, for once give your co-workers a good reason to look at you funny.


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