An Armor for Every Season

So, I get that you're about War. What's my special job? Talking to dolphins?
Stumbled across these beauties on today’s trip to Target for…um…I have no clue what, anymore. But who cares? New toys! (Oooooooh)

On the right is comic-version War Machine (not to be confused with the movie version coming out later this year). The sculpt is generously detailed and sports one of the most impressive paint apps I’ve seen on a 3.75 figure. The wash not only does a great job of highlighting the sculpt, it provides a fair amount of weathering, appropriate for a superhero who’s seen a lot of action. The snap-on firing missles and muzzle flash are made from a translucent rubbery plastic and are great inclusion.

Deep Sea Iron Man is on the left, part of the movie-version concept armor series. It’s a great homage to the silly one-off specialized armors that Stark is always building in the comics. This does a great job of blending the movie’s Mk III armor and a pressurized diving suit. It’s satisfyingly bulky. The paint really shines here as well. The teal pops, but is nuanced enough that you can almost buy it as underwater camo. The chest and forearm details have a yellow wash that provide a convincing “light-up” effect.

Hasbro, making your Lenticular cards look tired and old since 2010
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the stands that came with the figures. Usually stands are throwaway bits of plastic meant to make up for poor engineering (anyone who’s played action figure dominoes with their collection knows what I mean). Hasbro took it one step further and included three cards that are meant to “stack” in the stand and provide a poor-man’s 3-D display of the armor. It’s surprisingly effective and another clue that Hasbro worked hard to go the extra mile with their movie line this time around.

If you’re a fan of Iron Man, you owe it to yourself to hunt these down. You won’t be dissapointed.


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