Starbucks Via Tastes Less Burnt Than That Pot in the Breakroom

Being the caffeine snob that I am, I realize I am breaking all kinds of rules by liking Starbucks Via.

Yes, it’s instant coffee. Yes, the flavor leans towards the overly-roasted end of the spectrum. But you know what? At least it tastes burnt on purpose. The same can’t be said for that pot of 4-hour-old sludge that you have to chip out of the bottom of the pot in the breakroom because Margaret from Accounting left a quarter inch of coffee in there this morning so that she wouldn’t have to make a fresh pot.

It’s not what I choose to brew when I’m at home; but away from my fresh-ground beans and filtered water, I’ll take Via over office drek any day.

Besides, Lego Indy likes it – how can you deny Lego Indy?


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