Daily Obsession: Miss Mini Mac, Mac, Mac

Exhibit A
It may not come as a shock to anyone, but I’ve got a major tech addiction monkey. Fuck that, it’s an 800 lb gorilla with synth-steel implants and a nanotech-enhanced cerebellum that’s jacked into my spine between the 7th and 8th vertebra. (See Exhibit A)

So the fact that I don’t have a netbook vexes me. I’m terribly vexed.

I think the sticking point is, what exactly would I do with it, and where would it get used? I’m already a heavy-headed iPhone zombie whenever I’m stuck in line for more than 30 seconds. Do I really want to be yet-another Battleship player when I get my drink and sit my ass down?

Of course, this is all just pedantic wankery. I’ve got my target squarely in my sights and will now pelt you relentlessly with details about my current objet d’amour.

Apparently, Dell has not only cooked up a very solid netbook in their Mini 10v, but Gizmodo turned it into a gorgeous little Hackintosh using the latest version of OS X. I’ve loved Macs ever since I made the jump a couple years back (hmmm, maybe I should bore y’all with that story sometime). Having a wee Mac that I could bring with me on vacation, that would free me from the tyranny of the iPhone’s virtual thumboard (I’m just joking baby, I love you, don’t you go turning off that predictive trxt n mr…well damn, looks like I’m on the sofa tonight), would be a wunnaful thing. As a bonus, this taps right into my inner-Geppetto; I’m not truly happy with new shiny unless I can tear it down, make a project out of it, and build it back up faster, stronger (which also explains my Lego jones).

The iPhone is an accomplished platform for on-the-go computing (the majority of this post was written using the WordPress app); but when you need to do more than drop 140 characters about how awesome your scone is, you need real estate to get things down effectively. The fact that Apple has decided to skip the category entirely and put up an oversized iTouch as their entry into the “serious, but not serious-serious” mobile computing space only makes it easier to go for the lower-cost (and ultimately tinkerable! Squeeee!) solution.


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