World of Warcraft Plushies Don’t Care About Your Crippling Addiction

As many years as I’ve been playing World of Warcraft (it’s 5, BTW, which is in-and-of-itself ridiculous) I’ve spent very little real-world money to keep my hard-drinkin’ Dwarf in guns, ammo, and fluffy little virtual pets.  But then Blizzard got smart and started dangling some tasty carrots.  I grabbed the Murloc Marine last year, but got the livestream of Blizzcon as compensation (which was frickin great – best wasted afternoon of work ever).  Then, in December, they rolled out a Pandaren Monk pet (already a no-brainer because, hey, Kung-Fu Panda) but also set it up so that half the sales would go to charity.  OK – so, I had to buy that one!

And now this.  Announced last week, Kotaku got first dibs on some samples of the new WoW plush toys, which you’ll be able to “Dawwwww” over (and spend cash monies on) in real-life and in-game. Are they ridiculous in their total uselessness? Yes. Are they so cute that they’ll likely turn my 2 year-old into a lifelong WoW player (her first character will be a bloodthirsty Orc Warrior who specializes in ripping the ears off dragons)? Signs point to yes. Will anyone who sees them sitting near my computer avert their gaze and offer their condolences to my wife: “We’re sorry, we didn’t realize he was so far gone…” Bloody likely. Do I care? I can’t hear you, because me and my wittle gryphon are flying around Azeroth right now, singing the whole way. LA-LA-LAAAAAAAAAAAA!

(And don’t pretend like you don’t want one…according to Kotaku, they drop on 4/22. Git in line. NOW! GO! GO! GO!)


3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Plushies Don’t Care About Your Crippling Addiction

  1. Ohhhhhhh long form Anthony wit. JAWS and WoW already. I can’t wait for the Transformers – Tax Software crossover you are undoubtedly working on.

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